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Partnership Models

Our Clients operate in different markets and choose the most convenient forms of partnership, tailored to their needs.

We operate comprehensively

We will guide you through the process of creating a new product – from its formula, packaging and label, to choosing the brand that suits your needs.

Together, we will strive to achieve an effect that will ultimately bring you the expected business benefits.

Ideas for products and formulas

Our R&D specialists will help you find an idea for your product and develop a formula for it. We share ideas, ask questions, and send samples to our Clients. We listen to their opinions and needs to create together the product that best fits the expectations of the market and consumers.

Explore the ready blends

We work most often according to one of three models

Selling products under one of our brands

We have products from our own portfolio that are already developed in terms of marketing. If you are interested in introducing one of our brands, we invite you to check out the details.

Private label products of our Client

We support the development of our Client brands. The formula in the right packaging can complement your portfolio of hot beverages, coffees, teas, superfood blends, and other cereal products or food products in general.

Wholesale of ingredients (bulk)

In this model, we most often work with Clients for whom our formulas are a base for their product that they develop and pack, or a cheaper alternative to coffee or a natural colourant. We can deliver single- or multi-ingredient mixtures in the following packaging types: big bag, cardboard box.


Do you have an idea for your product and need a mixture or ingredient to create your own formula? We will provide you with a mixture in bulk packaging.


The blends we offer will also work well as an ingredient of coffee mixes. Barley or chicory in the form of soluble powder may be added to 3in1 products or cappuccino.


If you are looking for a substitute for coffee as a food additive or colourant, for example, in confectionery, our classic mixtures may be the best solution.

Work stages





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