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Beverages and Ingredients

Our products are a great choice for those who avoid caffeine, supporters of healthy food and a plant-based diet.

Delicate foam

Amber hueand smooth texture

Mild coffee flavour withcaramel undertones

Roasted cereal and chicory aroma


We extract from cereals and roots their characteristic coffee taste. We release the aroma and natural values from fruit and vegetable extracts.

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The wide range of blends allows us to surprise the Consumers with new flavours.

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Three steps to a unique taste

Based on years of experience in production, we make instant beverages, bringing out the full flavour and aroma from the natural ingredients.

We build flavour and aroma

We start by roasting the ingredients. Cereal grains and chicory flakes are caramelised in high temperatures, gain in flavour, and become darker in colour. The aromatic base of ingredients thus prepared is ready for extraction.

We extract the essence

Hot water is added to the appropriate combinations of roasted ingredients. A liquid, highly aromatic essence, that is the extract, is formed due to the action of water and temperature. The whole stage is completely natural – just like brewing tea or coffee in your home.

We give shape

The final step is drying. Now the liquid essence is sprayed in a 40-metre drying tower. The liquid comes into contact with hot air and gradually evaporates, and the resulting powder falls to the bottom of the tower. From now on, you can enjoy a natural drink in a convenient instant form.


Instant barley beverage with beetroot juice, rose hip and ginger

Instant barley beverage with beetroot juice, rose hip and ginger


Beverage with chickpeas

Beverage with chickpeas
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New Products

New ingredients, flavours or additives. Check out our latest beverage ideas, which will certainly attract your consumers.

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