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Cereal and chicory instant beverages

Full of flavour and aroma.

More about our beverages

A caffeine-free
alternative to coffee

Natural without GMOs

100% plant products
rich in fibre




Instant barley beverage "salty caramel"

Instant barley beverage


Instant cereal beverage with figs and acorns

Instant cereal beverage with figs and acorns
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New Products

New ingredients, flavours or additives. Check out our latest beverage ideas, which will certainly attract your consumers.

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We extract from cereals and roots their characteristic coffee taste. We release the aroma and natural values from fruit and vegetable extracts.

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The wide range of blends allows us to surprise the Consumers with new flavours.

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Why Grana

Grana is the world leader in the production and sale of instant cereal and chicory beverages.


We have more than 50 years of experience in the production of instant beverages.


We are an international manufacturer and a trusted trading partner.


Our products are delivered to 40 countries on 5 continents.

Check out why Grana