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Beverages and Ingredients

Three steps to a unique taste

Based on years of experience in production, we make instant beverages, bringing out the full flavour and aroma from the natural ingredients. Get to know our manufacturing process.

We build flavour and aroma

Supply and quality control

The top quality, carefully selected raw materials are the basis for taste and aroma.

All raw materials delivered to the warehouses of Grana, i.e., cereal grains, dried chicory, dandelion root, coffee, are carefully selected according to established quality criteria. Only after a positive opinion from the Quality Control Department are raw materials are sent for further processing.

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Roasting is a treatment of raw materials at high temperatures. At Grana, we control this process automatically, ensuring that we maintain technology parameters, such as the colour and degree to which the material is roasted.

The perfect process of roasting cereals (barley, rye, spelt), chicory, and dandelion, influences the later taste and aroma of cereal and chicory beverages.

Cereals are roasted in a drum furnace and the roots of chicory and dandelion in a belt furnace.

Each of the raw materials requires different temperature and time of roasting. The aromatic base of ingredients thus prepared is then ready for extraction.

The entire process, which is so important for the flavour, is supervised by an experienced employee.

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We extract the essence

Hot water is added to the appropriate combinations of roasted ingredients. A liquid, highly aromatic essence, which is the extract, is formed due to the action of water and temperature.


Extraction (from the Latin extraho = I extract) is a method for separating one ingredient from a mixture (e.g. from raw materials or liquids) using a solvent. We all use this method when, for example, brewing tea, in which case water is the solvent. The whole stage is completely natural – just like brewing tea or coffee in your own home.

A mix of roasted cereals and chicory, prepared in advance in accordance with a given formula, is transferred to extractors, where it undergoes the multi-stage process of hot water leaching. During extraction, the liquid extract gradually becomes richer and cools down. 

The final extract – which has a specific density, flavour, and other technological parameters – is stored in metal containers with a total capacity of over half a million litres.

Extraction at our company is a completely natural process, supervised by qualified and experienced staff, and supported by an electronic control system.

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We give shape

Spray drying and agglomeration

The process of drying takes place in spray dryers. A dryer is a 40-metre-high device, in which the atomised aqueous extract of a cereal beverage in the form of a swirling mist, comes into contact with hot air.

The atomised extract in a hot air atmosphere gradually dries – water evaporates rapidly. The ready cereal beverage powder falls to the bottom of the dryer.

Throughout the drying process, the bulk weight, colour, and humidity are measured in the internal laboratory. The results of the tests allow us to quickly change the parameters of the process to achieve process optimisation.

In order to obtain a granulated beverage, otherwise known as an agglomerated beverage, we need to add another stage: the agglomeration, in which we use water vapour to combine the powder into irregular granules.

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The most popular form of our drinks.


Using water vapour, we can also give our powders the shape of granules.

Freeze dried

Some of our extracts are freeze-dried and take the form of crystals.

Preparation for the road

Automated packing lines allow us to pack our products in a variety of unit packaging and then transport the packs. Thanks to modern warehouse facilities and efficient logistics systems, we carry out more than 12,000 shipments a year.


We offer transport packages (big bags, cartons) and unit packages in various sizes and shapes (jars, doypacks, cans, cardboard boxes, bags, stick packs).

Cereal and chicory beverages and natural instant coffees can be packaged on the following unit packaging lines:

  • a line for packaging bags and carton boxes
  • a line for packaging doypacks and sachets
  • a line for packaging jars (several shapes and capacities to choose from)
  • a line for packaging cans (several capacities to choose from)
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We have modern warehouses with an area of 8000 m2. We provide transport to the whole world – by sea, land or air. The quality of logistics services is confirmed by our status of an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).